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it's me!

Family Owned & Operated 

Hello! My family and I are originally from the United Kingdom. We lived in Florida for 10 years, until we discovered the beauty of the Blue Ridge Mountains! 

In 2018 we found this amazing property which at that time was a closed church with 10 acres. 

What are you going to do with that i hear you say?! Using our previous real estate experience we renovated the church with the help of our now teenagers into a single family home. 

We were not planning on staying here.... But, We all fell in love with this place from the location, countryside setting, fresh air to the stunning mountain view. And to be honest we don't miss that Florida heat!

So here we are, another new venture for us. 

In September 2019, the three cabins were finally built! Yay!

Our goal is to add more cabins and more animals to this mini farm, like Goats and horses and extra amenities for guests to enjoy. This is a work in progress and we strive to make your stay special and memorable. 

As My family and I live on the property, note: One or both of us will be on the property almost 24/7 and we are available if you have any questions or need anything (or you can text me anytime, or Come knock on my door).
You can come and go as you please, we respect your privacy. 

Relax, Kick Back and Enjoy your Stay with us!

We Look forward to having you

Lucy, Paul, Jack & Luke xxxx

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Paul & Lucy

Jack & Luke

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Host Family Home

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